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6th Grade Band

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6th Grade Beginner Band


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AUGUST – OCTOBER: Starting Out

Beginning sounds can be tough but students make great progress learning their instruments during this time. Please allow your child a time and place to practice even though this can be difficult to listen to at times! Tests will be weekly.

NOVEMBER – DECEMBER: Christmas Concert (See Calendar page)

This is a required performance for EVERY 6th grade band student, please make plans to have your child there. All students are required to dress up (no T-shirts, no jeans, no shorts, no warmups). Students are encouraged but not required to dress up with a holiday theme. Band boosters will be present for a cake auction.

JANUARY – MAY: Contest Season (To Be Announced – check calendar)

Sandy Lake Contest in Carolton north of Dallas is a fun filled day full of playing band music and playing in an amusement park.

MAY: Spring Concert (To Be Announced – check calendar)

Just like the Christmas Concert this is a required performance wraping up the year.


Beginner Instrument Pages

(Click on your instrument to see your class’s page!)


Instructor: Gust Witt


Instructor: Russell Holland


Instructor: Carla Sparks



Instructor: Gust Witt



Instructor: Carla Sparks


Instructor: Russell Holland


Instructor: Russell Holland


Instructor: Gust Witt


Instructor: Carla Sparks


Welcome UPCOMING (NEW) 6th grade band students / parents!


As an upcoming 6 th grade student in Fairfield you are invited to become a member of the Fairfield band! In the band you will have many different opportunities and experiences, the friendships and skills you learn there will last a lifetime. Everyone is welcome to join band, hopefully we can answer your questions about the upcoming year.

Getting and Instrument

(flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone only)

1 - Inherited Instruments

If an instrument was previously played in the Fairfield band chances are it's still good enough to be played again! Just have it checked by a director to see if it needs repair.

- or -

2 - Shopping Around

This can be very tricky!. Avoid shopping online because we've have MANY parents have negative experiences buying VERY BAD instruments at CHEAP prices BRAND NEW. There is an entire industry of people making very cheap instruments that fall apart within the first few weeks of playing that are causing a lot of problems within the band world. They waste parents’ money and give the students a bad start in band. Just like any other major purchase (cars, appliances, etc.) you have to know the brand, make, model, and year. Old, used, and worn instruments are sometimes GREAT finds! Please let one of the band directors assist you if you're going to go this route!!! We are here to help!!!

- or -

3 - American Band Horn Drive - (EARLY SEPTEMBER TBA)

This is the recommended route, all instruments sold here are excellent for beginner band use. FISD deals exclusively with American Band for instruments, instrument repair/service, and instrument supplies. They have several payment plans to make buying an instrument easier on a low budget, dropping a large sum of money at once is not required! Also included is a service plan that will make accidental damage to the instrument no problem. If you plan to buy from American Band but can not attend the horn drive, please contact a band director and we can set up a deal with you and the instrument company! If you opt to use a school owned instrument at the beginning of the year but later in the year want to buy from American Band, we can set up a purchase at ANY time! The exact date that they are coming will be released on the first day of school but if you would like to contact them now here is their information:

American Band Instrument Service

(903) 593-3195

124 Shelley Dr

Tyler, TX 75701


Things you will get from band:

  • 6 th grade  band festival
  • 7 th and 8 th Grade Six Flags trip
  • Disney trip to Florida (every 4 years)
  • Band Trips (You get to miss school!)
  • Get to play in ALL high school football games grades 9-12 including out of town and playoff games!
  • Play in all pep rallies
  • You can get scholarships for college
  • Opportunity to be on the twirling line, flag line, or become drum major
  • Team work, memory skills, responsibility, dexterity, coordination, self-expression, and a variety of other skills that will last your entire life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I want to do football /basketball/volleyball/cheerleader when I get older. Can I still be in band?

A: Yes! You can do both band and athletics all the way through high school! Many of our band students are in a wide variety of activities, we always make sure to accommodate the other Fairfield extracurricular organizations.


Q: My parents don't have a lot of money, do we HAVE to buy an instrument to be in band?

A: No! SOME instruments are provided by the school but buying your own instrument is encouraged.


Q: I want to play the drums, what do I need to do?

A: There is a limited number of percussionists per class (about 5) so only those with the best rhythm skills and coordination will be chosen to play percussion.


Q: I've never had music or wasn't very good at music so far and I don't think I'll be very good at band, should I still sign up?

A: YES! Of course, we will start from the very beginning and teach you everything you need to know in order to play a band instrument. Kids get better and better at music with each grade!


Q: My family already owns a musical instrument, may we us it in band next year?

A: Yes! Make sure the instrument gets checked with the band directors first though, it may need repair and maintenance in order for it to work correctly.


Q: What is the easiest instrument to play?

A: Most are about the same. Some kids are going to pick up certain instruments faster than others.


Q: Are there after school practices?

A: No, there are NO after school practices until high school.


Q: Do I have to buy an instrument before school starts?

A: No! We will discuss instrument purchases when the new school year starts! Until then, have a great summer!

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