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Grading Policy

FJHS Grading Policy 

Minimum of 2 daily grades per week 

  • Minimum of 3 test/exam grades per 9 weeks

  • Content teams in each grade level will have the same categories and weights 

  • Teachers will include their grading policies in their welcome letters and/or newsletters to parents

  • Grades should be entered by the following Monday (3:30)

  • Teachers will input zero or “missing” for all assignments in which the student has not turned in an assignment. 

    • Teachers should enter “M - Missing” if the student did not submit the assignment on time. The student will have 3 days after the due date to turn in the assignment to receive credit.  An “M” will be calculated as a 0 in the grade book.

  • The teacher may use notes in the grade book for special situations. (i.e. turned in late, exempted, cheating, corrections, accommodations/modifications, etc.) 

  • Per teacher discretion, zeros or “M - Missing” may be removed from the grade book at the end of the grading period.


Daily work is, but is not limited to: worksheets, warm-ups, participation, activities, and projects

Tests are, but are not limited to: quizzes, exit tickets, projects, warm-ups 

Semester Exams: Benchmarks, CBAs

  • Gradebook Weights: Daily/Tests/Semester Exams

    • 6th Grade: 60/40 (daily/tests)

    • 7th Grade: 60/30/10 (daily/tests/semester exams)

    • 8th Grade: 60/20/20 (daily/tests/semester exams)

  • Content teams in each grade level will have the same categories and weights 


  • Students will be allowed to correct assignments, except for tests, quizzes, and projects. Corrections can be completed to earn a grade up to 70%.

Make-up Work:

A student will be allowed to make up assignments when they are absent. The student must get their make-up work from each teacher when they return to school. The burden of responsibility for completing work rests entirely upon the student rather than the teacher. The student will have 1 day more than was missed to complete assignments. For example, if a student was absent for 2 days, they will have 3 days to complete all make-up work upon their return. Work not returned during this time frame will follow the same policy for being late as all other assignments.