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Participation - 80% - Just play. If it's good or bad just play. Any time a student is not playing they can NOT get better at their instrument and their grade will fall dramatically.

Daily - 10% - This is how well the student actually played.

Test - 10% - Students will be periodically tested on music being worked on at the time. Although it is not required, it is strongly recommended that students practice.


Pep Rally Season: July - November

 In the Fall season the combined 7th grade and 8th grade bands' main job is to play for the weekly pep rallies. This music is sometimes extremely difficult for 7th grade level so it pushes them to become stronger players. There is one main grade in band: participation. Even students who have not fully mastered the instrument can make a 100% if they just try during class. The band functions as a cohesive team and all members must be at every practice and give their full effort.

Band members will also have an opportunity to try out for the all region band competing against others from band around the region. If a student makes the region band, they will have first chair for the rest of the year! Participation in this contest is voluntary only, not everyone is expected to do this. Check the calendar for the date.

Christmas Season: November - December

The band shifts from loud and very difficult with support from the 8th grade to being alone and slightly easier and softer music. See the calendar/events page for details on the Christmas concert. Everyone will need to dress up for the event meaning no blue jeans or shorts. Holiday themed dress is encouraged but not mandatory. All clothing worn at school events must meet dress code. Participation in this event is a MAJOR GRADE.

Concert Season: December - March/April

The main goal of this season is the UIL concert/sightreading contest. This is an intense contest that requires near perfection in playing and much concentration and a high level of playing is required to be successful. Bands are being split into varsity and non-varsity groups separated by ability levels. Non varsity band from 7th grade will be combined with non varsity 8th grade band making a total of three bands, varsity 8th, varsity 7th, and non varsity composite. Dividing the bands up this way gives each band a greater chance at success at different playing and grade levels. All students will need to dress in BLACK AND WHITE for this event. Boys will wear black pants and a white button down shirt with a collar (tie is okay but not mandatory). Girls can wear a black, white, or black and white dress, or the same listed as the boys (yes ‘capris’ and skirts are okay). All clothing worn at school events must meet dress code. Absolutely no blue jeans or shorts. Brand, price, quality of dress clothes does not matter. Any type/style of shoes meeting dress code are okay so long as they are not brightly colored. This event is subject to house bill 72 meaning no student failing a class (according to school policy and timing) by Texas law may participate in this event. See the calendar/events page for performance date and location. 

Spring Concert Season: March/April - May

 This is an interesting time of the year when the music we play is not dictated by contest regulations and almost anything can end up on a concert! Pop music, movie soundtracks, or interesting program music can all be performed during this time. Everyone will need to dress up for the event again, meaning no blue jeans or shorts! Color, style of clothing is non specific for this event so long as the dress code is observed. This is a MAJOR GRADE, participation in this event is mandatory for everyone. See the calendar/events page for performance dates and locations!  

End of Year: May - June

Back to Pep Rally music! We try out the new pep rally music for next year at this time. It's also time to clean out lockers, check in instruments, and get ready for summer! Every student in the 7th grade band will have the opportunity to go on the Six Flags trip. Students will have to pay for tickets, food, and drinks. Students will observe the dress code. Any student with multiple disciplinary referals will not be allowed to go on the trip.

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