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Policies and Procedures


Please review this information with your student and then e-mail me to verify that you have reviewed it (  Your favored e-mail address in my contact list will give me a more direct avenue for contacting you when questions arise.  Should you e-mail any concerns to me, I will respond to your e-mails after 4 pm when I may give your message my undivided attention.

Thank you, 

Carol McCully


Homework and Assignment Policy 


Homework assignments are due at the beginning of the class period, before the tardy bell sounds. 

Assignments are to be placed in the “Turn-In” tray unless otherwise stated on the board.  Assignments turned in to the tray after I have collected them will be marked “after the bell” and 10 points will be deducted.

Assignments are to be done in pencil and mistakes are to be neatly erased. 

Assignments turned in 1-3 days late will be accepted but the grade will be reduced (per campus policy).  Work that is more than 3 days late will not be accepted (unless prior arrangements have been made).  Long term assignments are due on or before the due date and will not be accepted after the due date (exceptions for this will be made only with a doctor’s excuse or for a family emergency). 

On-line (Google Classroom) assignments  – Post your work early to allow for Internet connection problems and length of time for your assignment to upload.  Assignments that have a time stamp of 12:00 am are late and will lose points (per campus policy).

All papers should contain a complete heading with name, period, and date.  Papers without names will lose 5 points and be hung on the bulletin board to be claimed by the student. If they are not claimed, the student will not receive credit for the assignment = a zero in the gradebook.

Assignments that I have marked “correct and return” are failing papers and may be corrected to a maximum of “70” within 3 days. The portions of work that entail True/False, Yes/No, or Multiple Choice answers of less than 3 responses are not correctable.  

Students will receive academic detention to complete work that has not been turned in the week it was due.  Detention slips will be issued Mondays usually for Wednesday afternoon detention (3:30-4:30 pm).  Work that is completed in detention will receive a maximum of “70”. 

If your student has been assigned academic detention, he may be excused if his work is turned in the day before his assigned detention. 

There will be instances when “make-up” sessions of labs, quizzes, or work requiring special equipment will be offered during Eagle Edge.  Your student is responsible for acquiring a pass to come to these sessions, doing the work, and turning in the assignment at the end of the session. 

All tests must be completed in the allotted time.  Students are not permitted to complete a test at a later time.

There are no extra-credit assignments.  Occasionally, bonuses are offered, but they are for a limited time and purpose.



Student grades will be weighted as determined in the Student Handbook.

7th grade – 60%  minor assignments

                – 30% major assignments

                – 10% nine week tests

8th grade – 60% minor assignments

               – 20% major assignments

               – 20% nine weeks tests


Classroom Preparedness and Behavior

Students are expected to come to class everyday with a hardback composition book and sharpened pencil(s).  Spot checks for preparedness will be graded as 100 or 0.

Students are expected to quietly enter the classroom, find their seats, and begin working on the assignment posted on the board/screen.  Students who fail to do so will be marked tardy.

Students are required to clean-up their desk/lab stations before they are dismissed.  Students will be held until their area is ready for the next group of students. 

No eating, gum chewing, or colored drinks allowed in the classroom.  Clear, colorless plastic bottles are the only beverage containers permitted in school.

Cell phones or electronic materials must be out of sight and turned off during school.  Phones or electronics that are seen or heard will be given to Mrs. Alderson    Use of these devices during a test situation will result in confiscation and a non-correctable zero for the test.

Any student caught cheating or plagiarizing will receive consequences as stated in the Student Handbook. These situations are not "fixable" - the grade will remain a "0".

Students who misbehave in class, will have their conduct recorded in the behavior book.  If the student’s name is written in the book 3 times, in a consecutive 5 school day period, they will be required to call their parent/guardian to explain that a detention has been assigned to them.