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Carol McCully

Welcome to Science.  We are going to have a great year! 


                                                      You will be amazed at how our world works!  
                                                                     Science is all around us!

This year will focus on Natural Science:

     - how we work, 
     - how we fit into our environment, and 
     - how we effect our planet.  

We will be studying the information needed for the 8th grade STAAR test and I am hoping that together we will become "experts". 

My e-mail address is  

   Students, please do not rely on an email for last minute questions.  ASK YOUR QUESTIONS IN ADVANCE whenever possible.

   Parents, when e-mailing, please use your student's name in the subject message.  Please feel free to contact me by telephone at (903) 389-4210 to set up a conference appointment.

Please come back to this page throughout the year as I will be adding study guides and links to interesting web-sites.

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