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Kayla Campbell

Welcome to 6th grade science!

We will be doing vocabulary cards with every chapter, students will have a day or two to complete these cards. If your students completes their vocab cards, they will recieve a 100. This is not madatory, your student does not recieve a 0 if they do not participate. I will do my best at keeping the vocab section of my website updated with the definitions of the words. 

UPDATED 9-11-2018 Many students are having trouble remembering to bring their journal to class every day, I have started counting students tardy who need to go back to their locker for their journal. We use a journal almost everyday and students have been told since the beginning of the year to bring their science journal.  

« Students should join my QUIZLET page to be able to study for vocab test and other quizes that come up throughout the year by clicking the link below


**Parents, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me throughout the school year, email will be the best option for getting in touch.


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