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Gust Witt

The Fairfield ISD instrumental music program teaches the appreciation of music as an art form.  It engages students in a group activity which allows them to use their free time constructively.  Instrumental music creates in students a sense of cultural awareness as well as an aesthetic awareness of life.  It instills proper values, among which are:  responsibility, seriousness of purpose, devotion to duty, spirit of cooperation, and sensitivity to beauty.  It helps to develop proper work habits through the academic self-discipline of its curriculum and a daily practice routine.  It develops the ability of self-expression and intelligent listening skills which foster greater communication.  It provides a vehicle for the support of the school’s athletic programs, which helps to establish a positive and enthusiastic school spirit.  Through the cooperation of parents, students, and the Fairfield Independent School District, our program is designed to meet the needs of all students.

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Gust Witt

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